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Port of Tampa (USA)
Port of Tampa is located on the western shore of Florida Peninsula in USA. As one of the important ports for trade between China and the middle and the south of America, the economic engine of West Central Florida, Port of Tampa is mainly engaged in the business of fertilizer, phosphate ore, fruit and timber. Port of Tampa has established a close cooperation relationship with Yantai Port over the ten odds years, especially in the fields of bulk fertilizer business. On 4 May 1993, the two ports formally signed a Sister-Port Agreement in the interests to further promote the mutual cooperation.

Port of San Diego (USA)
The Port of San Diego is located in the south of California in USA. It is a self-supporting public benefit corporation established in 1962 by an act of the California State Legislature. With some 600 employees and revenues of approximately $117 million in fiscal year 2005, the agency oversees the protection and development of public tidelands surrounding San Diego Bay.
The City of San Diego occupies a strategic location in the United States, being both on the U.S.-Mexico border and on the Pacific Rim. This has made San Diego a multicultural city and a great place for international business opportunities. The city is famous for industries such as heavy chemical industry, ship-building, aircraft and rocket manufacturing. In 1985, The City of San Diego and City of Yantai established the sister-city relationship.
The exchange of the two cities also promoted the cooperation and development of the ports. On 20 July 1993, the Sister-Port Agreement (English Version) between Port of San Diego and Port of Yantai was signed in San Diego, and the Chinese Version of the Agreement was signed in Yantai on 31 Oct. 1993.