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Geographical advantage
Occupying the estuary of the Bohai Bay, Yantai Port is near the main international waterway, faces Japan, South Korea and Northeast Asia, and backs on the vast economic hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and He'nan. Situating at the optimum location of a transshipment port connecting the Changjiang River Delta, the Pearl River Delta with the Bohai Sea Economic Rim and the Northeast three provinces, Yantai Port has a broad development prospects with transport convenience by land and sea, and radiating the inland and overseas. Yantai Port is the important hub of China's coastal south-north thoroughfare, and the optimum transshipment base port of the Bohai Sea Rim and Northeast Asia Economic Circle.

Advantage of resources
Yantai Port is the port group with the longest coastline resources in China and the only one covering two seas - the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. Yantai Port Group actively carries out the resources integration, enhances the overall strength, focuses on the natural overall integration of the four major port areas, endeavors to build a modern logistics industrial base along 200km coastline at the south coast of the Bohai Bay and the north of Jiaodong Peninsula, and shapes a first-class modern port group of China by relying on its abundant natural and cultural resources.
The West Sub-port is the core of the future development of Yantai Port, with the inherent advantage in becoming a comprehensive deep-water port. The construction of the West Sub-port was commenced in September 2005, and in 2010, it entered the stage of conducting production while continuing construction.
In January 2010, the joint venture Yantai Port Co., Ltd. established by Yantai Port Group and the globally leading state-owned enterprises such as Baosteel, China Shipping and SDIC came into operation. By implementing win-win cooperation and relying on resource advantages of the consortiums, Yantai Port Group makes the port root in the industrial chain of national economy and enter a new period of development.

Business advantages
Yantai Port is the largest coastal port in China for receiving and unloading fertilizer, bauxite, petroleum coke and Korean coal as well as for exporting to Africa, the largest transshipment port of ore and bulk grain, the storage, transportation and transshipment base of petroleum and chemicals at the south coast of the Bohai Bay, and the important coal loading port in northern China. The world fertilizer logistics FOB Yantai price index is been building for the fertilizer business, and the largest distribution center to the north of the Changjiang River is forming for the lumber business. Longkou Port has become the first port enterprise in China possessing the qualification for crude oil storage.
Yantai Port is a transshipment hub port for domestic trade containers of the Bohai Sea Rim, and the transshipment base port for the international containers of Northeast Asia. Yantai Port has four container operation areas (including the two joint ventures), and 13 professional berths. Yantai Port can receive the current world's largest 15,000 TEU container ship, with annual handling capacity of 3,200,000 TEUs. Currently, there are 39 container lines, 24 of which are foreign trade lines, with those to Japan and South Korea being the most frequent and advantageous.
Yantai Port is a passenger/cargo ro-ro transportation center in northern China. Yantai-Dalian passenger ro-ro transportation line connecting Shandong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula is the busiest marine passenger transportation line in China or even in the world; Penglai Port – Lvshun line is the nearest marine channel between the two major peninsulas of China. Yantai – Incheon, South Korea international passenger/container liner sets up a convenient and fast marine bridge for the booming trade between China and South Korea. The commercial vehicle ro-ro logistics business newly initiated achieves rapid development, enabling the port to be the commercial vehicle logistics base port in northern China.